“I had been participating in church for nearly forty years and working in Christian organizations, but God needed to confront me about my commitment to Him and His mission.”

David Garcia has been a Christian for most of his life. He could recite the verses of the Great Commission by heart. He even dedicated much of his professional life to ministry, first as a pastor and later through Christian NGOs like Compassion International and OneChild. But when David attended the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in 2019, he realized that his ministry work was missing a crucial element: a focused passion for sharing the Gospel.

“God used the HLE as a learning time to eliminate some paradigms that I confused as biblical. It was also an opportunity to meet brothers from different parts of the world that inspired me. It was the beginning of new friendships that we continue to cultivate today. But the most important thing was that the HLE turned out to be an incredibly transformative experience for my personal and ministerial life. I knew Matthew 28: 18-20 in my memory; still, I had not understood the magnitude and the imperative need to be committed to the mission to ending Gospel poverty and making disciples in obedience to Jesus.”

Nearly 60% of the population in David’s home country of Honduras is affected by poverty. These challenges are concentrated for those in developing communities, where nearly one in five live in extreme poverty, defined by the World Bank as subsisting on less than $1.90 per day.

David works to provide education, healthcare, spiritual guidance, and community for children affected by extreme poverty.

As the country director for OneChild, David leads the international ministry’s efforts in Honduras, where they provide education, healthcare, spiritual guidance, and community for children living in extreme poverty. Partnerships with churches are integral to the OneChild model, and the HLE helped David challenge local pastors to integrate Gospel teaching into their social programs.

“We accompany the churches to respond to the call to fulfill the Great Commission by implementing a holistic development program with children, youth, and families in their area of influence. In this context, I have shared with pastors and leaders that no social or development work that the Church can do will be effective if Jesus is not the center and that this is also an opportunity to advance the Gospel.”

David Garcia

In addition to strengthening his ministry with OneChild, the HLE inspired David to pour into other local leaders with a passion for the Gospel. Recently, he has started a discipleship group of young professionals across multiple sectors, intending to inspire their love for studying the Bible.

David’s discipleship group of pastors and leaders. His goal is to inspire their love for studying the Bible and sharing the Good News.

Through the Gospel’s transformation in their lives, these young professionals have been inspired to share the Good News in their jobs as economists, artists, journalists, information security specialists, welders, teachers, lawyers, and businessmen.

David has also become a local Haggai facilitator, hoping to inspire others to develop a passion for the Gospel just as he did.

“This is a challenging task, but I am grateful for the opportunity to put my ‘grain of sand’ into shaping the relay generation that will continue this ministry.”