About ten years ago, three important things happened that would set the stage for Ilse Johanning, a Haggai leader in Costa Rica, to make an innovative impact for the Gospel. After growing up in the Church, Ilse finally embraced a personal relationship with Jesus. Ilse kicked off her marketing career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. The very first Instagram post went live.

Ilse Johanning is an ambitious , accomplished young professional with an impressive resume. A master’s degree in marketing allowed her to gain experience working for top brands across Latin America, eventually leading her to her current position leading the marketing department for Costa Rica’s National Commission for Education Loans.

For Ilse, an active ministry sometimes means combining meals, fellowship and Bible study all together.

A talented communicator who loves her work, Ilse longed for a way to combine her professional skills with her passion for the Gospel. In the fall of 2019, she attended the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE), and a new calling began to take shape.

“I participated in the HLE in November 2019, in Maui. This training allowed me to reconnect with God in a very special way and reaffirm my purpose on this earth. It motivated me to devise new strategies to reach more people for Christ and live for Him.”

Upon returning home, Ilse created a plan to market the thing she is most passionate about: The Gospel.

Whether on-line or in a classroom, Ilse is ready to share the Gospel with the people of Costa Rica.

“My hope is that more people give their lives to Jesus so they can love God with all their heart, soul, and strength. These experiences formed and prompted me to launch a digital project in October 2020, an Instagram page and a podcast channel on Spotify, called ‘Make it Shine,’ where in a fresh, simple way we are sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus with people.”

The “Make it Shine” podcast and Instagram page has tripled its audience size in less than three months, showing that this new, interactive medium is reaching people right where they are. Ilse hopes that this new online community will nurture new Christians as they seek God and grow in their faith.

“This year I am celebrating 10 years since I decided to seek God and give my life to Jesus. It has been the best decision of my life, and I want to tell everyone about that gift that God gave me and that He is willing to give to all who believe in His Son, Jesus. When I started seeking God, I did not know many people who were on the same page, which made me think that ‘Make it Shine’ can be a guide to people who want to start to know Him. God wants to shine through us so that more people know Him, and we can all be part of that.”