Haggai leader Maimunah Natasha is no stranger to adversity. On Christmas Eve of 2018, Maimunah, a businesswoman in Indonesia, fell, suffering injuries that required extensive surgery. After various treatments and therapy sessions, relief neared closer for Maimunah until COVID-19 required she be socially distant at home indefinitely.

“We do not know God’s plan, but I know His time is the best time.”

The last few months have been ones of pain and uncertainty, but Maimunah is learning to live a life of disruption. She looks for ways to keep her Haggai family connected, if only virtually, while continuing to take care of herself and abide by government regulations. Maimunah understands the growing need for support in her community and looks in all directions to lend a helping hand.

“The first thing we can do to help our country is to obey the law. This act of obedience will help cut the spread of the virus.”

Maimunah has rallied behind the Indonesian government to flatten the curve and serve her community in the best way possible. The Indonesian president has put over $30 million USD toward relief efforts during the pandemic. Maimunah continues to reinforce the importance of following the leadership and regulations set in place to stop the spread of this virus.

“The second thing we can do is to not spread the threat of the pandemic, but instead help provide the daily needs of the poor, so they can experience the love of God through our actions.”

With COVID-19 inhibiting face to face interaction for Haggai leadership and fellowship, Maimunah is working through the logistics of bringing her training online. While digital programs limit the face-to-face interactions that are so valuable to the Haggai equipping programs, technology has broadened the reach of their Gospel message.

“God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We might not understand His wisdom but we have to trust His will. May God grant us wisdom to understand His will and teach us to be able to act out His mission according to His divine plan.”