Haggai leader Dr. Tábita Orozco is using her empathetic nature, passionate heart, and vast skill set to bring hope to Guatemala. As a physician and director of the health department at Casa Bernabe orphanage, this young leader has the unique opportunity to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of those around her.

“God has given us the tools to reach out to those in desperate need of help, and it is our responsibility to make the best use of it. If not us, who?”

In tune with the needs of others, Tábita is especially heavy-hearted for orphans, vulnerable widows, and young women in poverty. Violence and poverty in Guatemala are at an all-time high, disproportionately affecting women. These problems yield not only survival issues for families all over the country, but can also be a hindrance to Gospel sharing. This is because many people live on a day-to-day basis, scraping to get by and apathetic to religious practices or beliefs.

With violence and poverty at an all-time high, Tábita is passionate about meeting the needs of orphans, vulnerable widows, and young women in poverty.

Tábita completed the Virtual Haggai Leader Experience (VHLE) in May 2021, preparing her to effectively disciple and providing her with tangible tactics to bring the Gospel to life. One of her greatest takeaways from the VHLE was the importance of intentionality. Since graduating, she has been able to present the Gospel in a deliberate, approachable, and efficient way to children, staff, parents, and vulnerable youth in the orphanage.

Tábita spending quality time with the children of Casa Bernabe orphanage.

Although Christianity is typically well-received and accepted in Guatemala, it is mainly seen as a cultural status rather than a lifestyle. Many might identify as Christians but lack a close relationship with Jesus, resulting in widespread apathy towards the Gospel.

Matthew 19:14 says “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Tábita’s heart for the “little children” is evident in her work at the orphanage. Every orphan child they take in is “an opportunity to gain a soul for Jesus,” she says. Tábita and the rest of the staff at Casa Bernabe remain hopeful for the future of these orphans, taking heart in Jesus’ ability to use children to change the world. Casa Bernabe is brimming with love; a safe space for restoration as these children come from heartbreaking backgrounds of trauma and neglect.

“I can help them to know a God of pure love and grace, to show them that despite all these bad circumstances, God can lift you out of the rubble and give you a brand-new life in Him.”

Tábita is persistent in leading others into the arms of Jesus. She has equipped over 16 parents in the orphanage, as well as nearly 20 women at her church, where she hosts virtual meetings and groups to share the love of God. She continues to bring others to Christ, from her clinic staff to the young girls she disciples in the orphanage, radically changing hearts through the love of Jesus.

Written by Gwendolyn Reed