Cities are shutdown. Times Square is empty. Restaurants are closed. Parades are postponed. School is canceled.


Hope is not canceled. Hope is not postponed. Hope is not closed. Hope is not empty. Hope is not shutdown.

Hope is alive and well.

In the midst of these unprecedented times, I cannot help but believe that God is at work  in ways we cannot grasp or understand. More than ever, I am devoted to end  Gospel poverty and strongly believe these circumstances have displayed the power of strategically positioned leaders winning their  own nations with the Gospel.

Dr. John Edmund Haggai said, “Nations may seal their borders and shut down their airports, but the Haggai leaders are already there.” Not only are these leaders strategically positioned, but they are also sharing the hope that only the Gospel delivers. My prayer in this season is Romans 15:13, which says . . .

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

There are thousands of Haggai leaders across the world praying, but in this publication of THE THREE, I want to highlight the prayers of three Haggai leaders.


Our loving Father, as the world is gripped with fear because of the pandemic, we thank you because we know that your plans are infinitely better than ours. Help us to realize that you are still in control. Above all, thank you for reminding us of our purpose as Haggai leaders, that we are to be the light in these dark times. Give us the opportunity not only to share the Gospel, but also to live out the Gospel and point others to the Lord Jesus Christ.

– Magnolia Yrasuegui, Radio Host – Philippines


Our heavenly Father, we strongly believe that you are watching and in control over what is happening in the world and that your mighty hand is still above all. We ask you, in these difficult days, to have mercy and give us, as trustees of your Word, the ability to be the light in the darkness and to carry your Good News to the whole world.

– A Haggai leader from the Middle East
(due to safety we cannot release the identity of this leader)


Most gracious Father, in this time of fear and dismay around the world, we come to you seeking strength and relief. Deliver us from illness and fear; heal our sick, and grant us comfort. Give our leaders strength, courage, and wisdom to lead in this time of confusion; grant our doctors, nurses, and volunteers the knowledge and energy that they need. O God, we believe you are the Lord our Healer, and we believe you are our refuge.

– Maimunah Natasha, CEO – Indonesia

I invite you to join these leaders in praying for Haggai leaders all over the world as they are meeting needs and advancing the Gospel in the midst of this global crisis.

Together, we can end Gospel poverty,

Dustin Willis
Chief Marketing Officer