With social distancing in place and gatherings limited and even prohibited in countries across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of believers across the globe to look for innovative ways to do ministry in the face of a global crisis.

Haggai leader José Luis Urquizo Tudela

In Peru, Haggai leader José Luis Urquizo Tudela feels empowered by this opportunity. An IT and Logistics professional, he is already using livestream technology, social media and other tools to share the hope of the Gospel with his community.

“For me, this is a time where the Church has to get out from the buildings and start doing a different thing. Pastors and church leaders are not enough to share the Gospel in regular Sunday services. We are the ones who will be use media in order to start spreading the word of God.”

Peru has closed its borders, and at this point has more than 2,500 confirmed cases of the virus. A popular travel destination for millions each year, the country’s lockdown has stranded thousands of travelers from other countries. José is working quickly to share a message of hope.

“There is fear and uncertainty. We do not have enough hospitals and facilities to take care of so many ill people…For me it was really simple: Social media is flooded not only with bad news but with inaccurate news. We need to bring out the good news of Salvation.”

Last week José launched a daily video program on YouTube, teaching scripture, leading viewers in worship and providing encouragement. His program “Buscando Una Esperanza” (Spanish for “Finding Hope”) is increasing in viewership daily.

Join us in praying for José and Haggai leaders across the globe who are creatively bringing the Gospel to those desperately in need of hope!