Forever Grateful And Fired Up

Forever Grateful And Fired Up

Since returning home from the Haggai Leader Experience, Segun Osunsakin conducted a one month training for 70 people on “Biblical Mandate,” using the techniques he learned while at Haggai. Several attendees have already started preaching the Gospel and using the strategies that Segun taught them. One attendee reported that she shared the Gospel with a woman she met, and that woman gave her life to Christ.

Segun Osunsakin leads a training session on the “Biblical Mandate.”

“I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Haggai Leader Experience,” Segun shares. “I came back from Maui fired up to preach the Gospel and train others to do the same.”

Segun plans on reaching out to the larger population of Serbia, as well as the neighboring countries, by writing and printing Gospel tracts that are translated into the local language. He is also working on producing short salvation messages for popular texting applications, so people can send them to their contacts to introduce them to the Gospel.


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