Haggai leader Norma Sit started her career in Singapore’s bustling business world, determined to climb the corporate ladder in one of the world’s wealthiest economies. Though she was a believer, Norma often looked to her job and the accolades that it brought to fulfill her. After a disappointing career setback in 2016, Norma fell into a season of depression and spiritual restlessness.

Norma loved the Lord, but she realized she had placed her identity in her corporate accomplishments.

Eager to pursue something truly fulfilling, Norma considered a friend’s suggestion that she enroll in the Haggai Leader Experience. Though skeptical at first, she attended the Haggai Leader Experience in 2017 and slowly saw a new calling and career path emerge.

Norma attended the Haggai Leader Experience in 2017.

The Acacia Mission was an idea that Norma had been developing before her Haggai training. Intrigued by the success of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, Norma began working on a similar model that would specifically focus on advancing the Gospel. In her words, it is “crowdfunding for the Great Commission.” It was in Maui that Norma’s idea began to truly take shape.

“When God plants a seed, He already sees the fullness of the tree and the fruits thereof. The rest is just earth time to grow it.”

Norma Sit

Through introductions made at the Haggai Leader Experience and doors the Lord opened for her, Norma formed three companies and Acacia Mission joined hands with Gerry and Lianne of Oikos Fellowship, broadening the Mission to be a networking, encouraging, and teaching platform for advancing the Gospel, reaching pastors in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. In 40 minutes, Haggai leaders share various topics with a focus on living on mission. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Acacia Mission will continue to grow and reach audiences all over the globe.

Norma (top right) on a Zoom call with eight other Haggai leaders who have encouraged, supported and prayed for the Acacia Mission.

Through all of this, Norma’s faith has guided her to trust in the Lord’s plan, making a daily commitment of letting go and letting God’s plan for her unfold.

“Every day, if and when I have doubt, He asks, ‘Do you trust me?’ It is a question of faith. Because even Faith is a gift from God, I ask Him to give me faith to keep walking and doing the right thing by Him, and for Him.”