A singer-songwriter and music composer from Panama, Grettel Garibaldi is spreading the love of Christ through the arts in her home country. Despite being a country of 80% Christians, only about 10% of Panamanians have a personal relationship with Christ. In a unique leadership position, Grettel commonly works alongside individuals who have never encountered Jesus. This provides her with the opportunity to shine light on places and people that would typically not be as reached by the Gospel.

Through this experience, Grettel’s devotion to ministry is made clear. She makes conscious efforts to consistently resemble God’s character, primarily through her actions. She states that “we have the opportunity to share Christ with our lifestyle. The way we conduct ourselves, how we speak, what we reflect, speaks much louder about the God we serve.”

Grettel possesses an innate talent for music, which is evident in her work. Growing up surrounded by the arts, her mother was a singer-songwriter and actress. Grettel has followed in her mother’s footsteps, using the medium of music to communicate deeply with God and with others. The zealous musician discovered her singing abilities at the young age of three, and says she knew then that there was “no going back.” She continues to emphasize that, behind every music piece, performance, or project, she desires to glorify our Creator.

A multi-genre musician, Grettel composes a rich variety of tunes from upbeat Latin pop to smooth melodies. She was a nominee at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards, where her featured song, “Una Vez Mas,” won Best Pop Song, which she created alongside artists Elsa Carvajal, Susana Isaza, and Ximena Sariñana.

“Art goes far beyond entertaining people … The arts are the only platform that connects people in body, soul, and spirit simultaneously.”

Grettel Garibaldi

Grettel began training through our Virtual Haggai Leader Experience in January 2021. She describes Haggai’s platform as a “multicultural movement of transformation,” where she learned to further God’s kingdom by using her platform as a musician.

A 2020 Latin Grammy Awards nominee, Grettel is spreading the love of Christ through her music.

Grettel plans to host Haggai seminars exclusively for musicians and artists, tentatively scheduled to begin with small in-person groups before the end of the year. In this environment, musicians will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and uplift one another in community. For Grettel, bringing this vision to fruition will be an answer to prayer. One of the greatest challenges Grettel faces in her field is that many of the musicians, producers, songwriters, and singers she is surrounded by do not follow God. Because of this, it is vital she shines the light of Jesus into this profession.

“Music alone has power, but in the hands of God it becomes a movement that transforms lives.”

Grettel notes that since becoming one of the world’s Haggai leaders, she has become acutely aware of the responsibility entwined with the honor. She bears her influence well, striving to walk closely with the Lord and keep him as her firm foundation through both hardship and joy.

Written by Gwendolyn Reed