The COVID-19 pandemic is a frightening reality in all corners of the world, and those in and around China were the first to confront it. Mongolia shares its southern border with China —- more than 4,700 kilometers directly in contact with some of the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

Haggai leader Baika Puntsag is Mongolia’s Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, and he said the country’s reaction to the epidemic was immediate.

“When the news broke about the virus back in December, we were all devastated, since China is our neighbor.”

Baika Puntsag , Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs - Mongolia

The Haggai International model is based on identifying exceptional leaders with significant influence in their home countries. As a senior government official, Baika is part of top-level decisions to protect his country from a pandemic that is upending whole regions of the world. Just a few hundred miles from the virus’s epicenter, Baika and his colleagues in government acted quickly.

At the first sign of outbreak, they closed all schools, public gatherings and enacted strict travel precautions. As the pandemic upends countries across Asia and the world, Mongolia is holding steady, both medically and economically. Baika credits his own small role in these swift and effective measures to his faith.

“My first reaction was nervousness and shock. But I have realized that God is in control and He is showing his Power and Glory to the nations. So, I started praising Him for [this] for He is the One who can permit and who can Heal! So, I have cast my worries and burdens on Him. I firmly believe that there is a message behind this pandemic that all nations must repent and turn to God. He is the only One who can restore the peace.”

For Baika and his colleagues in government, their fight against this pandemic is far from over.

“Please pray for our President and Prime Minister for giving them wisdom during this difficult time and for the patients still in the hospital.”