Back To Basics

Back To Basics

Dr. Rachel Rajagopal

Dr. Rachel Rajagopal, Haggai leader and founder of Faith Ablaze International Ministries, says that one of the biggest challenges she faces when discipling pastors and church leaders is getting them to remember the importance of the basics.

“They know the Scriptural truths but [some] have not fully practiced or believed them,” says Rachel. “The initial challenge for any leader is going back to the basics. When they begin to realize that there are hindrances stopping them from moving ahead in ministry, they begin to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and walk on the paths to transformation.”

Rachel is passionate about sharing Christ with leaders of all forms because she believes that Scripture sets people free. It is not until they allow the Holy Spirit to work in them that they receive the freedom offered by Jesus Christ.

Dr. Rachel Rajagopal greets members of Iglesia Presbyteriana Cristo Rey, where she recently ministered.

Rachel regularly preaches the Gospel wherever she can. She recently shared the Gospel on Ghana radio to almost four million people. In 2018, she will be doing the same on Ugandan radio. She also continues to train and disciple pastors and leaders. By the end of 2017, she will have trained 150 pastors and leaders from India, Ghana, Mexico, and the Middle East. Her book Unashamed Servant-Leadership was recently published by Langham Publishing and is included in the Langham Global Library.

Rachel is passionate about sharing Christ and regularly preaches the Gospel wherever she can.

Rachel also attended the Haggai Leader Experience in June 2017. She learned urgency of the Great Commission and saw how she had a role to play in transforming believers and pre-believers alike.

A child prays at Iglesia Presbyteriana Cristo Rey.

“I believe that the Haggai Leader Experience challenged me to think bigger and believe in God for a greater harvest – not just a harvest of souls for the first time, but also a harvest of transformed believers who will impact their communities,” says Rachel.

As a Hindu convert, Rachel has the unique perspective, as well as the skill set, to reach those of many cultures, from many different places. She knows that the urgency of the Great Commission is “more real today than it was yesterday because we are one day closer to our Lord’s return.” She thanks Haggai International for helping her in this daily pursuit.

Rachel says, “It is a privilege to be a Haggai leader, as it thrusts me into another global level of ministry operations.”


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