Since 2014, Malaysian Haggai leader Jeshurun Vincent has been sharing the love and light of Jesus Christ as a traveling musician to all those able to listen.

After attending the Haggai Leader Experience in 2019, Jeshurun was postured to make immense changes in the lives of others. During his training, he connected with leaders around the globe, who inspired a spirit of adventure and led him to share the Good News. His grand tour has visited over 92 nations thus far, many populated with Haggai alumni, and there are several more stops to come.

While storytelling through song is an art that Jeshurun has always had a passion for, many doubted that it would ever be feasible for him.

As a young boy, Jeshurun contracted an aggressive virus that damaged almost all of his hearing.

Everyone would start laughing at him whenever they saw him holding his guitar.

Despite this hearing deficit and some outside opinions that fueled self-doubt, Jeshurun aspired to let his experience be a model for overcoming adversity. His unwavering faith in the Lord would lead him to achieve it.

For the past six years, Jeshurun has traveled to several different nations sharing his story through chords rather than lyrics, because it is the most effective way for him to touch hearts and does not need translation. Jeshurun’s songs celebrate times of sadness, joy, and in some cases, hope — a lyrical translation of his journey.

“Haggai has brought about a tremendous change in my life and what I have been doing. I am truly thankful to God for giving me this opportunity at a very young age.”

Jeshurun Vincent

In remembrance of each nation along the tour, Jeshurun sews a flag into his guitar box.

His travels have led him far and wide, and he’s having to find additional places to keep his experience in these nations close to his heart, as space on his guitar case grows limited. Jeshurun’s story is not confined to a musical outlet, as he is both a producer of a mini-series and author of Inward, which illustrates the power of faith in overcoming physical and emotional adversity.

“In the future,” Jeshurun says, “I look forward to training and raising more leaders from my home country of Malaysia, as well as continuing to reach out to nations that are not easily accessible, to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ there.”