The Gospel has the power to save a soul and transform the life of an individual, but the impact does not stop there. Time and time again Haggai leaders see that one person’s faith can influence a family, then a community, and sometimes a nation. The exponential fruit of a small group dedicating their lives to a loving, gracious God can change the landscape of a whole country.

That is the kind of influence attorney Aleth Joyce Cubacub is counting on.

A successful attorney with her own practice in the Philippines, Aleth attended the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in 2014. It was there that she committed to use her role in the legal community to influence her own nation with the Gospel.

“The HLE training stirred a passion within me to strategically do my part in ending Gospel poverty. It made me realize the real purpose of my leadership influence and my personal mission to urgently share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with and to every Filipino.”

Aleth Joyce Cubacub

Upon returning home to Manila, Aleth became very active with other Haggai leaders in her area. They developed a strong network and when the pandemic brought health and economic hardship in 2020, Aleth and her Haggai peers were prepared to respond. In her own testimony, Aleth is open about her personal struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I am passionate in sharing my unique testimony of suicidal thoughts and depression to as many Filipinos as possible to give hope to those who are depressed and feeling hopeless and lost. Through my transformation story, they will see the hand of God.”

As those in her community faced new levels of isolation, grief, and economic hardship, Aleth developed a program to train her fellow Haggai leaders in ministering to those struggling with mental health issues. She developed a curriculum series to help other leaders minister to those in need, and this resulted in the creation of a national prayer partner network to connect struggling people to someone who would pray with and counsel them.

The leaders’ work in a mental health ministry generated buzz around the Manila community, and an unexpected Gospel opportunity presented itself. Aleth’s legal colleague and fellow Haggai leader, Judge Crislyn P. Sancho, recently became the President of the Philippine Trial Judges League, and Judge Sancho invited Aleth to share her testimony at the group’s General Assembly this past October.

“More than 400 Judges of the Supreme Court of the Philippines heard my testimony. And they requested a recording of the testimony to be shown to the employees in their jurisdictions who are experiencing depression and hopelessness because of the pandemic. The Lord did not just allow me to share my testimony to lawyers, but judges throughout the whole country. Praise to the Lord who deserves all the honor, praise and glory!”