Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness


Haggai leader Camilo with wife Maritza, and children, Juan Felipe, 23, and Ana Maria, 20.

Senior pastor, CEO, country director for the Global Leadership Summit, and president for Elit, Camilo Bedoya shows just what it means to be a light of the world.

Camilo’s passion is to raise up “Christian leaders in every sphere of society to become influencers that transform their cultures.” He says that, all too often, we are completely focused on individual salvation and neglect collective salvation and bringing redemption to our cities.

Redemption for cities and for Colombia, as well, can only come with spreading the light in the darkness. The civil wars, drug cartels, and paramilitary groups add darkness that spreads over the country. Camilo says that Christians must become involved and shine the Light of the Lord over the world.

“We need to position key Christian people with clear values in high positions in government. I believe that Christians should be involved because Christianity is a counter-cultural movement. The fact that we are implementing God’s Kingdom means that there is a new culture that we are bringing into the scene,” says Camilo. “Here is where Haggai International is essential because it trains high profile leaders to engage right in their spheres of influence to create change.”

Camilo says that the Haggai Leader Experience changed his “paradigm to reach highly influential leaders to create a change from the top down.” It was at the experience that he saw first-hand how influential leaders reach out to people using their professional skills and spiritual gifts to advance the Kingdom of God.


Haggai leader Camilo at his church, Seeds of Life.

“At Haggai, the Lord gave me the strategy to launch the ministry I now lead,” says Camilo.

And success is just one word to describe Camilo’s ministry. He started Seeds of Life Church in 2003, which has grown exponentially since then. Key leaders in business, entrepreneurs, senators, attorneys, and even a presidential candidate are discipled at Seeds of Life Church. Additionally, Camilo – along with the Global Leadership Summit – trains Christian leaders all over Colombia. By the year 2020, their goal is to train 15,000 leaders for Christ.

The Lord said that we must be a candle in the darkness, illuminating a dark room. Camilo does not hide his light under a basket but lights up those around him to bring the Glory of God over the people of Colombia.

“Light expels darkness as it comes close,” says Camilo. “We are to be lights in this world. It is time that Christianity arises to its level of brightness to make hell back off. The Church is the hope of the world, but only if it is well led.”


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