“Through the Haggai ministry, I am able to impact the world by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transformation of the world-class leaders in every session.”

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at Haggai?

1. Develop the international faculty to facilitate the Haggai Leader Experience. This includes planning equipping for new faculty and refresher programs for those who have not been exposed to the latest facilitation techniques.
2. Faculty Search. Responsible for increasing the faculty pool by at least 10% each year until a quality faculty pool of 300 is achieved. Assistance from the Vice Presidents of Equipping and IMD, Regional Representatives, and senior faculty may be required. The focus must be on “practitioners who can communicate” vs. academicians.
3. Develop plans to help increase the impact of national faculty training (FDS). This includes travel to help faculty in strategic areas of the world.
4. Consult and collaborate with National ministries to enhance their seminar effectiveness through known best practices and curriculum content.
5. Lead the process to collaborate with National ministries to hold an International/National ALS within targeted countries and be responsible for ensuring meeting international equipping standards.
6. Lead the process to establish an International Spanish ministry in collaboration with the Region Director of Latin America.
7. Provide support for the International curriculum enhancement process. Engage key HI faculty in the process of preparing more structured curriculum that will also allow rich personal illustrations to deepen the impact of the content.
8. In collaboration with the VP IT, Research and collaborate with a digital learning consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study and develop plans for an online learning process utilizing HI content for the purpose of refreshing existing HI leaders and equipping new leaders to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel.
9. Facilitate the post session learning process and Haggai leader communications using Haggai Connect.
10. Provide support for and collaborate with the VP of Equipping as needed on all aspects of the equipping process of the Haggai Leader Experience.
11. Lecture periodically at H.I. International English sessions.
12. Engage in fundraising activities.
a) Directly via face to face visits with the development team.
b) Indirectly through correspondence.
13. Provide a comprehensive written monthly report during the second week of the calendar month to the COO documenting the progress on strategic initiatives.
14. Lead and collaborate with various Haggai team members on new learning initiatives resulting from the on-going corporate strategic planning process.
15. Lead Middle East Ministries
16. Launch Haggai Leader Experience in Spanish

How does working at Haggai help you fulfill your personal life’s mission and or goals?

My mission is to impact the world by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transformation of world-class leaders.

Highlight your previous work experience.

For the last 12 ½ years, I have been leading the Equipping team and MPC operations in the role of Vice President, International Equipping & MPC Operations.

Prior to joining Haggai, I held a 21-year position as a mathematics professor and vice principal of Hislop College in Nagpur, India. Hislop College was founded in 1883, having more than 3,000 students and 200 faculty members.

In my alliance with AIACHE (All India Association for Christian Higher Education) over 30 years, I trained over 3,000 teachers in teacher effectiveness and andragogy. In addition, I founded an organizational development company, CHARISMA, which I operated for 10 years with corporate clients and international NGOs, including UNDP (United Nations Development Program). My areas of specialization are personality types, management of change, leadership, communication skills, and training of trainers. As a certified behavioral consultant, I am licensed to administer and process reports on DISC Personality Profiles by the International of Motivational Living Inc., U.S.A., and also certified to administer and train in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI – Basic and Step II) by the Association of Psychological Type, U.S.A. I am a qualified consultant in the 16 Personality Factor – 5th Edition.

What additional information would you like to share about yourself?

Arthur and his wife Selvam live in Michigan, USA. They are blessed with three daughters and three grandsons.