“Working at Haggai International fulfills a strong desire that I have had for decades to return to serving the Lord in a fulltime career capacity. Working with Campus Crusade (Cru) at the beginning of my career started a passion for serving the Lord in my workplace. Having the opportunity to do this now with Haggai Institute brings me full circle back into the Lord’s camp of fulltime professional service, augmented by lay leadership in my local church.”

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at Haggai?

As Vice President of Information Technology, I am responsible for providing the tactical and strategic leadership of the ministry’s digital portfolio of services for our ministry staff, our global leaders, and our current and future donor investors. This digital portfolio includes all of our ministry technologies from computers, phones, audiovisual systems, and network infrastructure to all of our Cloud (Internet) based systems and applications.

How does working at Haggai help you fulfill your personal life’s mission and or goals?

As mentioned earlier, working at Haggai Institute meets one of my life goals of returning to fulltime Christian career service. As well, this puts me in a very supportive, collaborative team environment, which is where I thrive the most. Finally, working with an organization that has a global reach and is impacting the world for Christ beyond the borders of our great nation has also been a life goal for me as well.

Highlight your previous work experience.

I have had 30 successful years as a leader in information technology. I began my career in IT with Campus Crusade for Christ before moving to the for-profit world for 13 years. During that time, I worked for companies like AJC International, Checkfree (Fiserv), and others. Most recently, I spent over 11 years at the national headquarters of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America before coming to Haggai Institute. My expertise is in the management of technology systems and support, as well as in processes and programs, including distance learning platforms, which will continue to undergird the work of Haggai Institute. This professional background is critical to the delivery and ongoing use and success of all H.I. websites, software, and infrastructure development and ongoing improvements.

What additional information would you like to share about yourself?

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a business degree in Information Systems. My wife Leslie and I attend Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Georgia, and Leslie serves as a seventh grade science teacher at Perimeter School. We have four children: two sons, A.J and Parker, and twin girls, Abby and Nicole.