In the summer of 2020, Malawi elected a Haggai leader as its nation’s president. The Southeastern African nation has equipped over 400 Haggai leaders, with a significant presence in government. Eric Chintokoma Hanjahanja is one of those leaders using an influential platform to strengthen his country with the Gospel.

Eric is a policy and compliance manager with the Reserve Bank of Malawi. His role includes implementation of financial regulations and inspection of Foreign Exchange Dealers. Malawi’s taxpayers depend on people like Eric to protect the country’s assets and stave off corruption. When COVID-19 disrupted the country’s economy in the spring of this year, officials like Eric worked to ease the public’s fears.

“The stock markets were crashing, major central banks, including the Federal Reserve of the USA, have intervened through quantitative easing supported by expansionary fiscal policy to quell the panic that has fallen on an unsuspecting global economy.”

Eric Chintokoma Hanjahanja

Malawi has weathered the pandemic with a minimum number of cases, but social distancing measures are still in place. As a result, Eric and his fellow Haggai leaders in Malawi have collaborated to organize a new type of national seminar to equip more believers in their nation.

“We have Haggai alumni that are well placed in the higher echelons of many professions, including academia, judiciary, central banking, business, commerce, and they also head Christian denominations and ministries. Despite the high caliber of Malawian alumni, we have not done as much as we should have by now in advancing the Gospel, though the potential is there.”

Motivated by a desire to see their Gospel outreach efforts grow, Eric and his cohorts are planning for the country’s first all-virtual seminar this October. Even before COVID, Eric acknowledged that societal changes and technology had rendered older methods of advancing the Gospel less effective.

“Churches are going solo on Gospel outreach campaigns instead of working together. The same mass crusade methods are preferred, which honestly don’t bear as much fruit as they used to 20 years ago.”

The logistical challenges of the pandemic have pushed Malawi’s Haggai leaders to explore new strategies and resources to share the Gospel, and hopefully engage leaders who may not have been able to participate before.

“This has been accepted with a little reservation, but all things are possible with God. The team did not want the whole year of 2020 to pass by without a National Seminar.”

As they prepare for this new endeavor, Eric has asked the Haggai community to pray for the success of the October seminar.

“Pray that we will be able convince people to attend an online seminar spanning many hours, that facilitators will be available for the seminar, and that the impact will be greater than a normal seminar.”