Persecution Rising

In the past year, the persecution of Christians has not only increased, but has also spread to more corners of … Read More

Where Are Birthrates Highest?

By midcentury, the world’s fastest-growing region, Africa, is projected to see its population more than double, while the slowest-growing region, … Read More

The Gospel With Applause

Haggai leader Allan Yong knows how to make people see the true joy in the Gospel. Allan hopes to bring people to Christ through laughter.

In The Ark

Despite being one of the earliest Christian civilizations, with churches dating back to the fourth century, Armenia does not have full religious freedom. That doesn’t deter Haggai leader and pastor Ohannes Halladjian.

Numbers For Christ

After attending the Haggai Leader Experience in May of 2016, Cameroonian Haggai leader Merlin Arnold Nkouako Tchamnda was excited to put his new skills to use.

Empowering Women In Christ

Haggai leader Charity Angya has a passion to empower Nigerian women in Christ and help them see their social, economic, and political potential despite their lack of education.

The 3 “P”s Of Influence

Haggai leader Samson Gandhi – Executive Director, Person to Person International for Christian Counselling Haggai leader Samson Gandhi – Executive … Read More