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  1. I know this man of God and he has done a lot in ministry in our country. Developing leaders and discipling young people. I’m glad I am ready to attend M1805 Advanced Leadership Seminar this may 2018. I look forward being equipped and inspired. Ezechias

  2. I personally visited Jean Baptiste in Rwanda. I have seen the results of his work, building the Kigali Christian School. The work he has done is remarkable considering from where he started. If there is anyone in the missionary field that deserves and has earned your support it is Jean Baptiste. If you get a chance to meet him, ask him about hiking to see the mountain gorillas.

  3. I am the Executive Director of Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ and consider Jean Baptiste a dear friend. I met Jean Baptiste in 2007 when he came to meet with our staff and challenge us to care for the vulnerable people of Vancouver before considering any investment in the work of YFC Rwanda. JB is a man of integrity, passion and deep conviction. He is guided by the Spirit of Jesus and leads his team well. We began a partnership with YFC Rwanda in 2008, starting with a student sponsorship program as well as other initiatives.

    I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to prayerfully consider how they can love, serve and invest in their own communities first and then also invest in YFC Rwanda. I guarantee it will play a role in the transformation of your own life.

  4. Praise be to God for the life of HIS servant Jean Baptiste.

    Gina Rivero, Baguio City, Philippines

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