Lyubka Tancheva

In a world brimming with brilliant minds, fascinating research, and endless possibilities for human advancement, scientist and Haggai leader Lyubka Tancheva sees a God-sized hole.

Christian Isichei

In Jos, Nigeria, a city often rocked by violence, where poverty levels are high and AIDS runs rampant, Dr. Christian Isichei’s Faith Alive hospital shines like a beacon of hope. Christian has been committed to providing free health care for Jos’s poor.

Rick Sriwong

Orarick “Rick” Sriwong has used his training with Haggai International to grow a vibrant ministry in Thailand. In just the past two years, the church has helped spearhead 39 projects throughout the city.

Bungo Kubota

Bungo Kubota is a church planter, blogger, and teacher. He’s part of a new generation of young leaders in Japan, networking together to share the Gospel in their city.