Kenia Santana

A successful and well-regarded media personality in her nation, Kenia Santana uses her platform as a TV host to encourage others to share their faith.

George Manoj

As a supreme court lawyer, George ensures that the rights of India’s Christian minority
are respected under the federal law.

Andrew Mering Jau

Andrew Mering Jau, Haggai leader and currently overseer of a preschool in the Barun district of India, believes that one way to bring children to Jesus in his home country of Malaysia is through building up Christian-based preschools and primary schools.

Matt Palabrica

For politician Dr. Matt Palabrica, Haggai marks the point at which he began to take his Christian leadership role seriously – with powerful results.

Gertrude Torkornoo

Haggai leader Gertrude Torkornoo, supervising judge of Ghana’s commercial divisions of the high court, is cleansing Ghana’s judiciary of hackers and corrupt leaders.

Arnoldo Weins

As a Mennonite pastor and the son of a pastor, Arnoldo Wiens knew from an early age that he would spend his life serving and leading. He did not expect that road would lead into a position in the national government.

Milton Mathias

Milton Mathias’s ministry in Brazil tackles the deep issues of disablement. They come to him broken. Missing an arm. A foot. Both hands. But Milton Mathias sees more than physical needs.

Octavianus Natanael

Octavianus Natanael has preached the Gospel to more than 50,000 people throughout Indonesia and abroad – more than 20 countries, in fact – through revivals and secular radio broadcasts.

Elia Ravelomanantsoa

As founder of the Republican Party and one of Madagascar’s few influential women, Elia is on a mission to bring Christian values into politics and to rebuild her divided country.

Wayne Thring

Wayne Thring is determined to see his country experience God’s transforming power. As a pastor and politician, he has a unique opportunity to impact not only his community but also his country.