Rubens Cunha

Brazil’s Rubens Cuhna has a goal: “To hold 100 crusades a year with different native evangelists.” He recently celebrated his 100th crusade, marking the beginning of a new season for his ministry.

Dorothy Kisaka

Out of 176 countries, Uganda is ranked 151 on the Corruption Perception Index. It’s a country with great needs – and great potential. In the middle of this is a woman. A woman uniquely positioned to impact change on a political level, as well as a grassroots level.

Matthew Kukah

Often called the giant of Africa, Nigeria is one of tomorrow’s top nations. One man has done more than any other to keep it from descending into violence.

Vasanthi Clement

Vasanthi Clement, a solicitor and advocate at the High Court of Malaysia, left the Haggai Leader Experience in April of 2016 with two goals: to reach out to the young people of her region and to open a Bible school for children.

Sedevi Angami

Our vision is to develop Christ-centered leadership in healthcare, transforming communities through compassion, innovation, and excellence with the motto: Serve, Nurture, Transform.

Tendai Juanita Mayani

In Malawi, to reach the people, one must first convince the chiefs. Tendai Juanita Mayani is passionately pursuing this endeavor to show these chiefs the justice and hope that comes from Jesus Christ alone.

Jean Baptiste Mugarura

How Jean Baptiste Mugarura turned tragedy into a world-class ministry to children with a focus to prevent another genocide in Rwanda.

Gustavo Leon

Gustavo Leon of Ecuador returned energized from his recent Haggai Leader Experience. Under the influence of humanism, he says, “Many Ecuadorians consider good as bad, and bad as good.”

Greg Denysschen

Greg Denysschen is the director of South Africa’s Jivannadi Mission. The mission provides vocational training and counseling services for those struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and more.

Kenia Santana

A successful and well-regarded media personality in her nation, Kenia Santana uses her platform as a TV host to encourage others to share their faith.