School Of Faith

Peter Tham with some of the students at his college in Sarawak, Malaysia

“Going to Haggai International in 2006,” says Peter Tham, “drove into my consciousness the reason we are here on this earth.”

Peter has vast experience in human resources management and development. He oversees his own training consultancy firm (B.E.A.T. Consultancy) and also directs and facilitates M.B.A. and D.B.A./Ph.D. programs for Preston University in the U.S.

But his time at Haggai International resulted in a new venture. As soon as he returned to Malaysia, he put a long-standing dream into action. He turned a small college he had bought in 2000 in Miri, Sarawak, into a full-fledged international college.

“It was because of my time at Haggai International training that I saw the potential of serving God through the education business and, at the same time, of fulfilling my passion for the field of education. From a very early age, I wanted to be a teacher.”

He set the fees at a moderate level, in order to provide an opportunity for those who would not otherwise be able to afford college studies.

“Currently we have about 550 students doing various courses in the diploma-level programs. We are not a Christian college per se, but we have a strong Christian fellowship for the students, and we meet once a week. We also have 18 students from Vietnam under our college-sponsored scholarships.

“Among them, three were not Christians at the time of entry, but all three became Christians after studying for one semester in our college.”

Peter is confident the fellowship numbers will increase every term because all students, of their own volition, accompany him to church every Sunday. So an educational institution is also a tool for missions. As he says, “God is bringing all these students right to my doorsteps for harvesting.”