Success Secrets of the Bible

Dr. John Edmund Haggai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Haggai International, says the Bible’s instruction for success often contrasts sharply with the world’s advice — and it is this difference that makes all the difference for those who follow it.

With clear steps, Scripture references, and encouraging examples, Dr. Haggai presents 13 profound principles based on God’s Word that lead each reader to a radically different, eternal approach to true success and fulfillment:

• Beware the team of one.
• Believe you can because you know you can’t.
• Enjoy failures — they’re good for you.
• Keep it simple.
• Be famous for being good.

This practical, Biblical, and thoughtful guide will inspire readers at every stage of life and in all vocations and occupations to walk in God’s will toward great things and godly legacies.


How to Win Over Worry

Worry is destroying the lives of adults, a large percentage of teenagers, and even children. Worry is the root cause behind many broken relationships, bankrupt companies and dismantled homes. It’s behind much drug abuse and is often the causative factor of incurable illnesses and even premature death. For more than 40 years people have turned to this bestselling book for practical answers. In this revised and expanded edition, you will learn how thousands of victims are successfully conquering worry. The biblical answers and proven formulas will help you win over worry and begin enjoying the peace God promises.


The Influential Leader

The world has never been in greater need for influential leaders and you have the potential to become one!

Dr. John Edmund Haggai, whose ministry has trained thousands of leaders from nearly every country in the world, encourages you to overcome your fear of risk and to rise to your full potential. You can become a leader who influences people, inspires results and accomplishes great things for God. Through this book you will discover 12 visionary decisions – decisive steps you can take to become an influential leader.


365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know

“Attempt something so great for God it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.”

So begins this little book of big inspiration from Dr. John Edmund Haggai, renown leader of leaders who has instructed many on the enduring characteristics and principles at the core of successful leadership. Now Dr. Haggai’s wisdom has been distilled in this collection of 365 pithy saying sure to inspire and motivate you to greater effectiveness in your leadership role.



Multiply Your Power To Do Good

You could be changing the world right now! Drawing from addresses made over the last ten years, Christian world statesman and communicator Dr. John Edmund Haggai spells out the essentials of living a significant life for God.

Through reading this book you will understand how to leverage your resources. How to “ask bigger and think higher.” How to follow the great men and women of faith by taking hold of the age your live in, and multiplying your power to do good.


Lead On! Leadership that Endures in a Changing World

Dr. John Edmund Haggai’s LEAD ON! is a classic. On its first publication, reviewers described it as “superb”, “excellent”, “powerful” and ‘a tremendous blessing for anyone who is seeking God’s will for his life.” Leaders from every continent have read and recommended this book. The world changes, but the principles underlying great leadership last forever.


The Art of Giving

People tend to think that sacrificial giving is either foolish or impossible, that generosity is a luxury belonging only to the mega-wealthy. In this inspirational biography, author Dr. John Haggai and Christian businessman Paul J. Meyer argue No! Any Christian can give generously to the Kingdom of God, provided he has the faith to believe God’s promises. Paul Meyer has shattered traditional ideas about philanthropy. Rather than giving out of his surplus, he sets annual giving goals and plans his business earnings to meet those goals. This man has inspired a generation of younger Christian givers, and this biography is excellent exposure to the power of the joy of giving in one man’s life.