How do Haggai leaders multiply so fast?

The total number of Haggai leaders now tops 106,000.

That 106,000 includes both International Haggai leaders and National Haggai leaders.

Both have been through the Haggai Leader Experience – but it is only the International Haggai leaders, trained in Maui, Thailand, China, and the Middle East, who are funded globally by our donors.

What those International Haggai leaders work together to do is what we call “National ministry.” This includes countless activities and programs, including all levels of seminars, National faculty development, and alumni associations.

Shown by the blue numbers on the diagram, National ministry covers 110 countries and is the key to multiplying donor impact. International Haggai leaders return to their countries not only to further missions, but also to set up systems for reproducing missions expertise in other leaders.

Many capable Christian leaders are unable to attend the International Haggai Leader Experience due to constraints of time, resources, and language. National ministry extends the Haggai Leader Experience to these men and women, equipping them to reach cultures and language groups where missions skills are badly needed.

A National Haggai Leader Experience must be residential, last at least five days, and be facilitated by an approved faculty member. In addition, Haggai leader alumni associations run a variety of local or area seminars that are tailored to meet particular local needs, including weekend and three-day events.

Around the world, millions are hearing about Jesus through the words and actions of Haggai leaders who are equipped – at no further cost to our global donors – by the commitment and enthusiasm of those who have gone through the International Haggai Leader Experience.

Sundar Sangma
VP International Ministry Development

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