Haggai Leader Report – Nepal Earthquake

R.C. Timothy and his wife Salome.

Nepal: A Report From Haggai Leader R.C. Timothy

R.C. Timothy, Haggai leader and businessman, reports from Kathmandu:

“There is terror and panic everywhere because of the aftershocks. People cannot understand what is happening. Entire families have been wiped out. Everything is in darkness and bad shape. The morale of people is very, very low.”

He and his family, he said, “are well by God’s grace. We happened to be in church at that time, so we were away from the epicenter of the quake.”

He adds, “I have not been able to connect with any alumni. Phone lines are simply not working, and many houses have been destroyed.”

This isn’t the first time he and the Haggai leaders in Nepal have faced tough challenges.

“We have landslides and floods almost every year. Often much life and property is lost. We visited a few places in teams and gave whatever support we could. People need shelter, not only food and clothes, because they have lost everything. We have to pray much for them.”

The problems following the earthquake are limitless: no water, limited shelter, the terrible fear and desolation of the people, and overcrowded hospitals. In addition, only one-tenth of the country is accessible by road. The rest can be reached only by foot. To add to these conditions, the average Nepali only makes about $180 per year.

The earthquake comes amidst rising tension over the Christian presence in Nepal. On a visit to Nepal this year, the vice chairman of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party told senior Nepali politicians that religious conversions should be banned. He reportedly alleged that Western countries are assisting Nepal in converting Hindus to Christianity.

Almost 99 percent of the population are Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, or Muslims, and only around one percent are Christians.

R.C. and his wife Salome, also a Haggai leader, have three daughters. The eldest, Upashna, is a medical doctor. The second, Subhekchya, is completing her undergraduate studies in management and is also helping in her father’s business.

“Haggai International,” says R.C., “provided me with tools to strengthen the Christian leaders in my country and to help them set better goals in their lives and ministries. It also helped me to be confident in my life, my business, and my ministry.”

Please pray for R.C. and other Haggai leaders in Nepal, that they may be able to help their fellow citizens effectively.

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