The Method We Use

Courageous, compassionate, competent, and cost-effective, Haggai leaders are today’s natural missionaries.

All occupy strategic positions in their nations. All have reached the same defining moment in their lives. We call it the Haggai Leader Experience.

Those we select step away from their everyday lives. For nearly a month, they are free of routine demands and distractions. They live together, pray together, and learn together under the guidance of our highly-qualified, non-western faculty.

The core of the curriculum: skills and knowledge to lead others to Christ.

We have seen it time and again: when we provide the place, the guidance, and the opportunity, God moves. He touches hearts. He fills with His Spirit. After three weeks, these seasoned leaders emerge focused, determined, supported, and equipped to reach their world for Jesus Christ.

Individually, each impacts a company or community only he or she can touch. Collectively, they are rewriting the story of global missions.

The Haggai program is so highly respected that we have a waiting list of 7,000 qualified leaders selected to attend. Once trained, Haggai leaders pass their Experience on to at least 100 others – creating a powerful and cost-free multiplier effect.

The International Haggai Leader Experience is conducted in four locations:

• Maui (in English)
• Thailand (in English)
• The Middle East (in Arabic)
• China (in Mandarin)

Alongside it, our 508 alumni associations provide a similar program at national level – at no cost to our international partners.


Our Impact Around The World

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