Extending Kingdom Territory

Rosy William working with youth.

Through her ministry as managing director of Extended Territories, a social and religious trust organization, Rosy William presents the Gospel message, in many forms, to women and children.

Her mission is to help every individual know the One and Only True God and recognize the Gospel as the only guide to living a victorious life.

As a woman in a traditional society, Rosy faces daily challenges of finding volunteers, childcare for helpers, and transportation.

“In addition,” she says, “I have been called and questioned several times before groups of male Christian leaders who wonder why I am taking the lead in ministry while my husband holds a secular job!”

She adds, “I am thankful the Haggai International leadership training taught me to be more confident, goal-oriented, focused, and intent in my outreach.”

In addition to weekly Bible studies, Rosy conducts three annual, formal workshops for women in ministry, as well as several more informal ones. Monthly, Rosy instructs 100 youth in how to lead a righteous life, while quarterly, she teaches more than 125 children  through Gospel-based children’s camps.

One of Rosy’s ministries focuses on government-run juvenile homes, where she cannot openly share the Gospel. Calling on her expertise in corporate training and personality development, she offers to teach the young people life skills. This enables her to use a Bible-based program – often with the wardens sitting in and happily listening to the sessions.

Rosy still has goals to accomplish for the Kingdom, including establishing a home for the elderly and building an orphanage and tutoring centers for marginalized children. She says she won’t rest until her mission is complete.

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