october, 2020

05octAll DayDevotional for October 5, 2020Psalm 32:8


A few years ago, I couldn’t move my right hand. We went to the best hospital in Mongolia, and the doctor said that being a young person, I should exercise more. I thought, “No problem,” and figured my condition wasn’t serious. But a few days later, I had a high fever and couldn’t move my whole body, only my eyes.

My husband took me to receive treatments. I started to move around a little, but my husband said we needed to seek treatment in South Korea. We went and stayed at a church, where an elder suggested a hospital. I was diagnosed with a serious sickness that affects 1 out of 500 people. The doctor said since I received my diagnosis early, I will probably be fine, but I have learned of others who passed away from this illness.

I move around like a healthy person now because I take my medicine and receive my treatment. I am thankful to God that He guides me on the path I should take even though it is a hard one.

Father, thank you for leading us on the paths that are best for us. Thank you for never leaving us alone.

Haggai leader:
Oyunbayar Janjaadorj
CEO, Newpress Company

Since Haggai, I realized I haven’t given enough to people. Now I want to offer more, so I sponsor a Christian conference and seminar now.

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