october, 2020

30octAll DayDevotional for October 30, 2020Proverbs 4:4


Wisdom is what we receive from God, when we walk in reverence for Him. The wisdom that we receive from God gives us understanding. Understanding is our perception of our world. It is our worldview that changes our behavior, and we bring God’s impact to bear on our circumstances. We go to His Word to learn His commandments in order to obey, to learn to walk in reverence for Him, and to receive His wisdom, which then shapes our worldview. It is those with a God-directed worldview, who can shape our nations.

When I see my nation of India, I realize that I am called to be one who stands in the gap. I’m called to be one with renewed understanding, which comes from the wisdom of God, when I walk in reverence of Him, in obedience to His Word. There have been many in India who have been and who are bringing to bear understanding based on the wisdom of God, but the task to reach our nation is yet unfinished.

Lord, I surrender to your lordship over me, to be a person of understanding.

Haggai leader:
Valentine Davidar
Executive Director for Asia, Haggai International

It was at the International Session in Singapore, where I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and it was there that I received God’s mission for my life.

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