october, 2020

27octAll DayDevotional for October 27, 2020Proverbs 3:5-6


As a physiologist, I learn and teach about the brain and its mechanics, and I know that a human being functions totally based on his/her “understanding.” Our knowledge and cognition of the world around us gives us the unique position in the world as God’s supreme creation.
One would assume that since He has provided us “our own understanding,” we should make good use of it, and well, most of humanity does that. The wise man, however, exhorts us to depend solely on the Lord, abandoning self-reliance so that our paths may be made straight.
I ought to take cognizance of His existence, His presence, and His understanding in my life and depend on that knowledge, rather than what I understand is best. And this I try to do, however gifted I may be with the knowledge of this world.

Father, you sent the Holy Spirit as promised by your Son, Jesus Christ, to be with us, to lead us, and to be our wisdom. Help us to listen to His voice alone as we find our way through this dark world. Amen.

Haggai leader:
Jaideep Rayapudi
Associate Professor, Pondicherry

Haggai training has enabled me to see myself as a leader even if I did not hold any position. I’m constantly providing leadership and direction to the people around me, pushing them higher toward the Kingdom of God.

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