october, 2020

26octAll DayDevotional for October 26, 2020Proverbs 3:3


We Thais are known as the people of the land of smiles. It is easy for us to give our warm, welcoming smiles or even sincerely reach out helping hands to strangers. However, this might seem a bit odd in other countries. When we live in an internationally diverse world, we see that each country has its own cultural traditions. People in some countries might seem openly friendly and easygoing. Whereas, in other countries, people seem more reserved.

However, once we put our lives in the hands of Christ, we are His ambassadors representing His lovingkindness. His nature allows us to give the sweet scent of His love to those around us, no matter our nationalities.

Heavenly Father, please help us to live our lives following your loving characteristics, and help us let other people see Christlikeness in our daily lives so that they can see your glory through us.

Haggai leader:
Ampaitepin Singhabhandhu
Doctor, Humanitarian Sector (supporting refugees)

Haggai helped me to recognize the importance of Christlikeness in my life’s journey.

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