october, 2020

23octAll DayDevotional for October 23, 2020Proverbs 1:7


I learned this from my father’s life. I come from a Batak family, and long ago in my dad’s village, God was not a priority. According to ancient Bataknese, there are three indicators of success: 1. Hasangapon means you have a long life, 2. Hagabeon means you have a big family (having children and grandchildren), and 3. Hamoraon means you are rich.

Unlike the usual Batak people, my grandfather taught my father and his brother to seek God first if they wanted to learn and achieve something for their future. My grandfather used this verse, Proverbs 1:7, to help my father and his brother have an understanding of wisdom. I have learned and understand that obedience to the Lord gives us wisdom and understanding about everything in this world. You must trust and obey God first, and He will give you understanding.

Dear Lord, please help all parents from the Batak’s people and all parents in the world to seek you first, so they will be a role model for their children.

Haggai leader:
Risma Rezeki Sitompul
Medical Doctor, Woman Crisis Centre, Pekanbaru, Riau

Haggai’s vision motivated me to bring the Gospel to remote areas with unreached people.

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