october, 2020

18octAll DayDevotional for October 18, 2020Psalm 119:105


It was such an experience of joy when we fixed the solar- and battery-powered lights in one of the big houses in the village one afternoon. All the children waited until the sun went down and the lights became visible. They were so excited to know that this house will be a place for their daily activities.

Normally, it was their daily experience to be dirty, to be hurt, and to be in darkness. Having no knowledge, being cared for by no one, they grew like a wild flower. I asked one brilliant boy, “What is your vision?” He answered, “I will find something very sweet to eat for my mama, my brother, and sister.”

But change comes when we teach their school lessons and especially teach them the Living Word of God. A village of hopeless people has come to see a brighter future. God’s Word is the Lamp and the Light. It illuminates our minds and hearts, and it directs our feet and steps. It enlightens us to see a great vision, and it guides
us to fulfill our goals.

Father, thank you that your Word shines brightly to illuminate each of our steps.

Haggai leader:
Founder and Director of Ro Tling Ministries and Life Academy

Haggai changed my whole life and view of ministry through the renewing of my mind to a great vision. Now I can see a Biblically educated generation, who is capable of transforming and leading our nation to the liberty and peace of the Kingdom of God.

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