october, 2020

17octAll DayDevotional for October 17, 2020Psalm 119:71


My youngest neighbor (about three) yelled all the time. One day she fell and I expected passionate crying. But, no. She got up and continued on her pursuit. I was dumbfounded. My little friend had been weaned.

Like her, I was very good at crying and really enjoyed Jesus picking me up. But I had to learn that God’s dominion is handed to sons and daughters, not babies. When everything that mattered to me came under the attack of the enemy, my love for God and everything I believed about Him was severely tested. But when I learned to quiet my afflicted soul with the Word, I started answering the enemy at the gates. Like my friend, I learned not only to cry less, but also to run.

Lord, please help my heart to stay focused on your Word in all my situations today.

Haggai leader:
COO, Hope Health Services, The Gambia Ltd.
Gambia, The

Haggai Institute taught me to look outside the box to reach the unsaved. I‘ve hosted many different events, including a fashion show to talk about the Best Ever Designer, Jesus.

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