october, 2020

15octAll DayDevotional for October 15, 2020Psalm 118:14


During the day I experience different stages, including a work stage and a rest stage. There is a stage that is very important to me: the worship stage! It is when songs of praise come from within me and are addressed to my Savior. In those moments, I would like to become a melody – that the essence of my whole being would be like musical notes capable of composing the most beautiful song that expresses the pure essence of His presence.

During my times of worship, I sing words of worship and gratitude to the God who gave me life when I was dead in my sins. Yes! He is my salvation! What would become of me without His sacrifice of love? I would not have strength, future, or hope. How great a love, without equal! He is my High Refuge, my Strength, my Prince of Peace, and my Source of Identity, who vivifies my life every morning!

Lord, may we celebrate continuously with music, songs, and thanksgiving for the wonderful essence of your love that has saved us.

Haggai leader:
Director, The Bible Training Center, Living Water Ministries

The Haggai experience changed my way of thinking about the Biblical mandate and showed me, in a new and real way, that the Kingdom of God is growing firmly in many nations of the world.

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