Confronting The Enemy

Josue Yengnong

Josue Yengnong from Cameroon has just released a book titled Sexuality and Destiny.

“I am not a writer by profession but a youth counselor and psychology lecturer. However, when I attended the “Writing Skills” class at the Haggai Leader Experience, I was challenged by the faculty to put pen to paper. Since then, I have written five Christian books, and the first book has been published with great success.”

Josue noticed that the chief weapon used by the Enemy to destroy youth in his country is sexual immorality. Having preached on the subject at several gatherings and conferences, he was encouraged to put his thoughts into writing. But, he says, “Haggai International made me get down to action. I attended the training in 2009, and though I’ve written five books, I am at a loss for words when it comes to describing the way in which Haggai International has impacted every area of my life and ministry.”

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