Brothers In Christ

When Dr. Rebecca Vedamanikam returned from Haggai International in 2002, she set up a seminar to pass on her training, and identifying and inviting all the leaders of educational institutions, hospitals, and businesses.

Students at Montfort School celebrate Independence Day.

Among the attendees were the principals of two large educational institutions run by the Montfort Brothers, a 2000-member strong Roman Catholic Order dedicated to teaching, with campuses in India, Madagascar, Mauritius, and the Philippines.

Participants from a seminar for school staff and Montfort Brothers.

Brother Dhanaraj and Brother Soosairaj were so impressed with the seminar that they introduced Rebecca to the provincial, Brother Selvaraj. A second seminar followed, and it was attended by several more members of the Order.

Dr. Rebecca Vedamanikam with participating Montfort Brothers at the 2013 Local Training Seminar.

Soon afterward, Brother Dhanaraj wrote to the then Executive Director of Haggai International India, Paul Balasundaram. Fifteen brothers had attended training, he said, and “at the end of the seminar, each participant felt that he had been called to recommit and rededicate himself with renewed enthusiasm and spirit to the cause of the Gospel and God’s Kingdom. It was indeed for each of us a new experience of the Lord on the way to Emmaus when the hearts of the listeners burned.”

Brother Mariannon, alumnus and Provincial Superior, Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel.

He added, “I must, as the leader of the Brothers of Trichy Province, affirm that the training program has done great good for us, for which we remain grateful to the faculty of Haggai International. Based on the past experience, another seminar exclusively for 30 brothers of ours is on the agenda in May 2005. I am convinced the Lord will continue to work miracles in us and through Haggai International.”

The Vatican called the Order’s provincial, Brother Selvaraj, to serve as secretary to the secretary general. On a short visit home, he spoke to Dr. Rebecca Vedamanikam personally and urged her, “Do not forget my brothers. Make sure that you train every level of brothers before they take on leadership positions.”

Brother Dhanaraj, previously provincial superior and currently principal of Montfort School.

The most recent seminar, for 30 young brothers, took place in September 2013.

The Montfort Brothers run 30 schools in the Trichy Province and 156 institutions in India. A number have now attended H.I. International Training Sessions, including the present provincial, Brother Mariannan. The impact of Haggai International’s ministry on the Order has been immense.

The Montfort School, where Brother Dhanaraj now serves as principal, has almost 4,000 students, of whom only 600 are Christians. Here, as in the Order’s other schools, regular retreats are now conducted for staff members, and the teaching of Scripture to Christian and non-Christian children is emphasized alongside value education and the sharing of Jesus Christ.