Haggai Non-Western Faculty

Our large pool of faculty is hand-picked from across the developing world. We require that faculty members be recognized leaders, as well as specialists and hands-on practitioners in the fields they teach. Almost all have professional positions outside Haggai International – predominantly in the marketplace.

From the beginning, we have assembled only the best, insisting that each be free to develop his or her own teaching materials within curriculum guidelines. The learning experience at Haggai International carries no hidden agendas. We believe that faculty from emerging nations are simply the best qualified to facilitate the learning process.

Below you will find a sample of the faculty who currently facilitate at our international sessions:

Daniel is currently the Senior Pastor/Lead Elder of Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church in Singapore. He previously worked in the financial markets for over 20 years, holding senior management positions. His wide global travel included various periods of work in New York, London, and Hong Kong. Since mid-2000, he has heeded the call to give himself fully to the ministry.

A gifted teacher of the Word, his ministry focus is on spiritual leadership and teaching the Bible to equip the saints for effective ministry. In Singapore and in other nations, he ministers to churches and Christian organizations, including being on the faculty of Haggai International.

Maimunah Natasha is a rarity – a woman entrepreneur in the steel industry.

For many years, she has held together a tough career and a passion for teaching the Christian faith. But it was attending Haggai International, she says, that made her what she is today.

“That seminar was so rich that it was almost unbelievable. Ten short days changed me. Stepping out of the training center in Maui, I was, literally, a completely different person. I knew I would never be the same again. I went into the Maui training center with much curiosity and stepped out of it with a burning fire in my soul.”

Haggai International gave her a “new paradigm” – evangelism that starts at the top and goes down. Leadership in Indonesia, she says, is very weak. There is an urgent need to strengthen the leadership skills of Christians – in business and in the church.

Her initial goal in Maui was to train about 50 people in her first year. But in the last eight years, she has trained more than 10,000. Many Christian organizations have invited her to give training to their leaders. “I believe that is a direct result of skills I gained from attending Haggai International in Maui,” Maimunah noted.

She has invested several years spearheading Haggai International national training in Indonesia. “Our plan is to have 200 national and local seminars this year and to have trained 50,000 leaders in Indonesia by the year 2014. The mission seems achievable because today, we have trained more than 18,000.”

Today, many of the Haggai International alumni in Indonesia are reaching out to thousands of street children and unreached groups. Thanks in large measure to Maimunah Natasha’s leadership, Indonesia also has almost 200 Haggai International national faculty members.

She has consistently and creatively developed the potential for leadership training in her nation.

“The training in Maui was an eye-opener for me. It made me understand that the opportunity to reach out to the unreached group is huge. Today, we have partnerships with church groups and Christian organizations for training their leaders. We have also begun to work together with some of the government officers to train them to be better leaders.”

Maimunah continues to set a strong personal example. She uses her business earnings to help support seminar students, provide food and shelter for the poor, and contribute to building church facilities.

She also has a special ministry to women in her country. During the violence of 1998, Maimunah learned that many women had been sexually abused by roving gangs, and she undertook a two-year mission to help these women reclaim their lives.

“My dream is to play my part in changing my country – but not through politics. Since I returned from Haggai International, five political parties have asked me to join them, but I have rejected them all. I want to focus on serving Jesus.

My attitude used to be ‘I will do my best.’ Now it is ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me!’”

She recently handed over the management of the companies to her elder son, giving her more time to focus on writing projects and

the leadership positions she continues to hold in the World Methodist Council in the Indonesia and Asian regions.

She adds: “I am very excited. In my 70s, I not only continue to serve God, but I plan to continue my Mandarin language study next year, to equip me better in my ministry.”

Ong Hock Siew began his association with Haggai International in 2005 as a participant. He has been passionately involved in Haggai International ever since. He is now based in Malaysia. He is a highly sought-after corporate consultant and trainer in the Asian region, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in corporate rehabilitation, corporate entrepreneur development, strategic growth mapping, strategic marketing management, and other business presentation & negotiation.

He started his career with the Hong Kong Bank group and held two CEO positions in different financial institutions. Currently, Ong Hock Siew also consults for companies listed on the KLSE. Besides being the mentor for many corporate entrepreneurs, Ong Hock Siew has also authored books and manuals, and regularly writes on a variety of subjects in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, financial planning, motivation, and tourism. He is a member of MENSA.

Apart from his corporate experience, he also facilitates and organizes training programs for churches from different denominations within the Asian region.

Rowena Mendoza is the Executive Director of the Christian Transformation Foundation, Inc. She practiced corporate and litigation law for six years before shifting careers to focus on ministry related matters, specifically Christian microfinance. Her first six years in the industry was as Legal Counsel of TSPI Development Corporation, one of the biggest Christian microfinance organizations in the Philippines.

In the course of her work with TSPI, she also handled staff transformation and human resource development and acted as Assistant Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors. Rowena has been a consultant to the European Union, USAID, and the World Bank in microfinance-related projects in the Philippines.

Recently, Rowena participated in facilitating and moderating the Business As Mission Issue Group at the 3rd Lausanne Forum. She is one of the pioneers of the Alpha Course (A Christian evangelization tool started in the UK) in the Philippines.

Tissa Weerasingha is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he began his ministry in 1975. Since 1983, this church has been instrumental in planting nearly 80 churches in various parts of Sri Lanka and other countries. Calvary Church just completed their new facility, seating 4,000, in Colombo.

He is the Founder-President of Calvary International Ministries, Inc. and has ministered on all continents. He is a Senior Faculty member of Haggai International, Founder and Principal of Calvary Theological Seminary, and Editor of the Lanka Journal of Theology.

He has authored many books, such as The Cross and the Bo Tree, The Comprehensive Concordance to the Sinhala Bible, The Complete Cell Manual, and Motivating for Evangelism. For nearly a decade, Tissa has also hosted “Hope for Today,” a nationwide, weekly Christian TV program on government-owned television in Sri Lanka.

He received his B.Th from Seattle Bible College, MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, MS (Applied Psychology) from the University of Colombo and, D.Min from Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.

Peter Okaalet began his career in medicine in 1980 as a medical officer at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Tororo, Uganda, and served at the same institution as its medical superintendent for a further two years, before venturing into private practice in Malaba (1984-1990).

He served as a medical officer with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in the Tororo branch, as well as a medical administrator with Bukedi Diocese, and finally as a medical coordinator and physician-in-charge at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology clinic in Nairobi (1994-1996). Most recently, though, Dr. Peter Okaalet was named as one of TIME Magazine’s Global Health Heroes, an honor recognized during the TIME Magazine Global Health Summit in New York City, USA, in November 2005.

Dr. Okaalet currently holds significant positions and responsibilities in several working committees on HIV/AIDS interventions with The World Bank, UNAIDS, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance’s HIV/AIDS Strategy Group in Geneva, Switzerland, The Pan-African Christian AIDS Network (PACANET), and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH).

Archdeacon Canon Alfredo Cooper has been a missionary church planter and Senior Pastor of Iglesia La Trinidad de las Condes for the past 21 years. Born in Valdivia, South Chile, he is a fourth generation Anglo Chilean. He received his Honors Degree at Briston University in Modern Languages, meanwhile exploring Marxism, Spiritism, and Hinduism. While attempting to convert some Christians to New Age spirituality, he confronted the claims of Christ. He accepted Christ, and his life became a ministry of evangelism.

He completed his theological and missiological studies at All Nations Christian College, returning to Chile in 1974, to begin church planting among the poor. He and his wife Hilary later began pioneering evangelism among the middle classes of modern Chile. After planting a church in Providencia, they started another work in La Trinidad, Las Condes, in 1984.

After obtaining his master’s degree in social studies and leadership from Azusa Pacific University, Alfredo planted two more churches in Cantagallo and in Vitacura. Leaders for these churches were developed and trained in La Trinidad, which has now become a center for training and church planting. Currently, Alfredo is developing new ways of reaching modern Chilean society through television and radio.

Vera Ngassa is a judge and state prosecutor in Cameroon. Among a handful of committed Christians in the legal system, she confronts the abuse of women and children in a society where powerful social and religious forces coerce them to remain silent. A documentary made about her work, called Sisters In Law, has been screened at more than 90 festivals worldwide, and won the Cannes Film Festival Prix Art et Essai.

Vera has been at the centre of the wider movement for women’s rights in Cameroon. As a university lecturer, she was invited to create a curriculum and teach the subject “Women’s Human Rights and Law.” She has been teaching the subject since 1999. She attended Haggai International in 2006, and expressed, “The standards of excellence and integrity marked my life forever, and ever since I returned from H.I., I cannot tolerate mediocrity.”

Of her work in the church, she says, “I see myself as a daughter of encouragement, and I train women to take up their place in ministry. Presently, I am preoccupied with teaching the church the importance of the market place in the Great Commission and making the professionals see their place and mandate in the Kingdom.”